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Video is used for many purposes in today’s business world…to promote, inform, entertain, educate, and so much more. Simply put, video is the most powerful tool in branding your message. We take the time to understand your ideas, goals, and budget to create an effective marketing video campaign for your company. Below, we have identified some of the key areas in which we specialize our services. When you’re ready to get started, or have any remaining questions, feel free to contact us. Here are some of the key areas in which video is used:

Marketing and Branding Videos

When it comes to branding your business, video outperforms all other methods of marketing. In fact, companies that market themselves with video grow an average of 49% faster than nonusers. There are many approaches to producing the right corporate marketing video for your company, and Highway Media will help determine the best route after our factfinding interview. So let Highway Media produce a video which will inspire, inform, and initiate your audience into action!

Corporate and Industrial Videos

A narrative look at your business will provide an engaging, visual tour of your capabilities. Whether you want to give a better idea of how your company operates or are looking to show how a process within your company works, we can showcase the details of your business through corporate event video production in an engaging and informative fashion. Video testimonies are also a powerful way to share your company message.

Commercial Production and PSAs

Make sure the airtime you purchase for cable or broadcast TV are well spent. Cable commercials are often produced by the cable stations themselves, but often don’t match the quality of your products or services. Therefore, let the awardwinning team of Highway Media help produce a commercial or PSA which will make your business stand out. We make sure the airtime you purchase for cable or broadcast TV are well spent.

Company and Internal Videos

Want to tell the history of your company? Maybe won an award or simply have a message to share? A story driven message will deliver your message in unique fashion.

Sports and Entertainment Videos

Highway Media produces videos for all levels of sports, ranging from local games and sports resumes all the way to events for Major League Baseball and many teams in the league. Capturing the energy of the sport, team, or audience is key to creating a memorable and captivating video that people will want to watch and share. We also produce professional music videos and live events.

Educational and Instructional Videos

The best method to provide clear, concise, and consistent information is through a training video. Training videos have also been proven to be more effective than manuals and traditional ways of instruction while saving money on training expenses.

What Our Clients Say

  • The team at Highway Media was extremely helpful in writing the script and producing my company's video for our website. We required multiple shoots to capture "before" and "after" shots of the services we provide, and in the end, the video showcases our services beautifully. This was the first professional video we have ever done for the company and the results were excellent.

    Scott Smith Owner, Surface Solutions
  • The work that Highway Media has done for our company has been excellent. While each project has had specific issues that needed support, the team at Highway Media has always been able to respond with the speed, quality and presentation promised. Every step in the process was described before we began, smooth and efficient. We look forward to working with Highway Media in the future for all of our video support work.

    Mark Kesson National Field Manager, Hayden McNeil Publishing
  • The team at Highway Media were incredible. Taking our first shot at producing a short narrative at our plants on the improvements that have been done and turning it into a full 8 minute movie went as smooth as can be imagined. The final version of the film was professionally put together and the theme of the project rolled into a well versed short clip. Can not say enough about the team and their enthusiasm during the event and after. Thanks from the Kerr and Metrex teams on a job well done!

    Robert Wojdelko President, Kerr Dental Supply
  • We started working with Highway Media in 2005 for the All-Star Game Fantasy Camp and it's been a homerun for Major League Baseball. Their creativity, videography, production and price is second to none and our recap video is an integral part of our camp for our corporate partners.

    Joe Grippo Director of Local Sales, Major League Baseball
  • The Highway Media team jumped right into our project and immediately focused on the issues and opportunities my client faces in their industry. They produced a video which hit every point. The Highway Media team was an absolute pleasure to work with!

    Renee Prewitt President, The Prewitt Group
  • Highway Media delivered us an incredible commercial at a fair price. We had excellent communication, quick turnaround, and they helped us flesh out our vision for it while giving expert guidance and suggestions along the way. We'll be back!

    Jerry Kozak President, Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company
  • Highway Media is a great partner who serves all of our video needs. We chose them to create two community promotional videos and then two years later they used that material to put together two television commercials. Throughout the process they listened to what we wanted and created an award winning product that truly reflects the character of the Plymouth Community.

    Wes Graff President, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
  • Throughout a steady 3-year undertaking with Highway Media, I have found them to be the kind of solid partner that we hoped for. They were consistent in meeting commitments and showed great resilience in creating the video product as well as packaging the product. Concerning each of four grant proposals that we prepared with Highway Media's help, they were entirely fair, timely, and creative in supporting our effort. They are certainly my preferred provider of video-production services.

    Deacon Robert Ervin Co-Founder, New Leaven
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