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Connecting with your target audience on an emotional level is the key to converting new clients, and simply put, video marketing is the best way to inspire your audience. A professional video will demonstrate your brand personality while sharing information in a more engaging fashion. Since we can hear and visualize information faster than we can read it, our brains are able to process ideas faster. Thus, the use of video marketing to communicate your message means more people will pay attention and ultimately become customers.

Although videos are deemed the most powerful marketing tool available, there area surprisingly low number of businesses which utilize it. You can leverage this to your advantage by using video to set yourself apart from the competition. The award-winning team at Highway Media is highly invested in your business goals. Our story-telling capabilities and cutting-edge creativity are the secret ingredients for improving your brand’s recognition and marketing objectives.


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Branding Videos Can be Used Across a Variety of Platforms

Having great video content on your website is important, but you must also find a way to attract people TO your site. This is accomplished by posting short videos on your social media feeds which will inspire your target audience. Video is significantly more viral than article feeds, creating potential to reach a larger audience. Statistics also prove that video leads to significantly higher clicks and conversions once viewed.

In addition to social media and shareability, search engines like Google and Yahoo have begun to recognize videos as quality content. Since the entire objective of these search engines is to find relevant content to a person’s query, video content such as blogs and branding videos allow your business to capitalize on higher organic search rankings. More than 90% of web users say that they are more willing to purchase something if there is a video related to it. With that in mind, there is no time to lose. Contact us to get started on your marketing videos today!

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