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Well, it’s been nearly 10 years since we’ve blogged and figured it’s time to get back with the program. Of course, we were a little busy producing hundreds of cool videos and films, so please forgive our delay. But the past decade has brought many changes to HM including 4K video, drones, awards, and the founding of our sister company, Rockit Digital Marketing. So we’re going to share our insight about growing your business through these digital marketing strategies. To start things off, we decided to share our 2021 demo reel for Highway Media (link below) to showcase the power of video in marketing.

It’s well known that most people spend hours of time on their phone each day, and much of that is watching video. Stats show that it not only increases visitors to your site, but significantly boosts sales. In fact, video is so effective, that 94% of companies plan to continue or increase their video budget in 2021. Here are links to a couple sites with some additional stats, and until next time, enjoy life and be good!

Highway Media Demo:


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